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Adrian Kawuba (born April 17th, 1989) is a Ugandan-born, US-based entrepreneur, businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Kawuba Group (TKG), a diversified privately held global conglomerate, and is the guiding force behind The Adrian Kawuba Foundation (AKF). A recipient of the prestigious Who’s Who Among US Executives and Entrepreneurs award and a former Forbes 30 Under 30 finalist, Adrian is a sought after international speaker and media contributor, recognized thought-leader, trusted advisor, and serves on a number of public, private and non-profit boards and committees globally.

In all his commercial, civic and philanthropic endeavors, Kawuba is drawn to problem solving — deeply exploring the complexities of challenges to identify the factors that will most impact change and find strategies to generate strong, breakthrough and lasting results and outcomes. He applies his analytic yet compassionate approach to various areas of interest or concern many of which are reflected through the work of TKG. Kawuba continues to explore new frontiers for responsibly creating value, opportunity and positive impact.

Earlier in his career, Adrian worked briefly in finance and accounting, served as the varsity boys head coach at Brighton High School, and was the youngest-ever director of BNSL which is part of the largest youth and family services agency in Massachusetts. Along the way, he also built a successful and profitable private soccer training, sports consulting, camps and athlete services business, and went on to become the #1 ranked soccer trainer in Massachusetts and 10th overall in United States on Coachup during that stretch of time. This diverse and broad set of early professional experiences helped to shape his unique worldview and perspective as well as purpose.

Adrian holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, French, and economics from Drew University, where he graduated early with magna cum laude honors. While there, he was a 4-year starter on the men’s soccer team and earned several accolades including: NCAA Adidas All-Region, First-Team All Conference and First-Team All-Academic. He was also the second player in the University’s history to get offered a professional soccer contract and was called-up to Uganda’s national team during London Olympics Qualifiers, a proud moment for him and lifelong dream. He remains actively involved in the game through his many activities at Kawuba Sports.

As someone from a non-privileged background who has benefited from others paying it forward, Adrian seeks opportunities to coach, support and guide entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes and organizations as his way to keep the pay-it-forward movement going forward. He donates a significant amount of his time to pro-bono work, volunteering and mentoring. In his spare time, Adrian enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, working out, turning his knowledge & expertise into resources and developing passion projects.


Adrian was born and raised in Uganda and went to school briefly in Kenya before moving to United States at the age of 12. Settling in Massachusetts, Adrian attended Lexington Christian Academy for middle school and high school where he excelled academically and athletically. He was also very enterprising, starting his first business selling lemonade at parks just 3 weeks upon arriving in America, and went on to launch a number of ventures including a profitable snow plowing and lawn cleaning business, all before the age of 18. This entrepreneurial streak continued in college, where in addition to playing and excelling on the university’s soccer team, he built a successful online retail arbitrage business and a private tutoring service. Growing up in an immigrant household with limited money and resources while attending private schools with friends from wealthy and affluent backgrounds, Adrian was constantly exposed to the juxtapositions of two different Americas. This exposure would fuel his ambition to “make it big” and change his situation. Soccer was also an important part of Adrian’s life growing up. He credits sports in general for shaping the person & businessman he is today.